Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Right time for write time

As the Unemployment has progressed, I've become more and more convinced how important it is for me to write. So in order to improve my writing in an attempt to make a living from it, I am doing more of it. That makes sense, right? So far, I've noticed that writing in the late afternoon seems to work quite well for sticking to my schedule of at least one hour a day (yet the time commitment is growing). I suspect this is because I try to work out in the morning, there are generally fewer interruptions, and television is least appealing at this time.

Now the risk of me writing more is a greater amount of crap coming forth through the keyboard. Hopefully the ratio of crap to gold in this blog is not high. If it is, may my readers - should I have any - have the decency to steer me away from the internet.

By the way, in case anyone is keeping track, I have not done workouts for a few days now. Okay, fine. It's been almost a week. But I will get back into my routine, and probably go off-road to give my joints a bit of a reprieve from the Paved Punisher, also known as the West Ridge Road.