Monday, July 30, 2012

One week down...

The first week of my new weight loss journey has been fairly typical of my previous attempts.  I've lost 5 pounds - mostly water weight, I'm sure - but I have made some serious changes and I'm definitely concerned about being able to maintain them. I keep reminding myself that I have neglected myself for too long and the "sacrifices" I have to make are necessary.  They are also fairly minor, really - why should I tell myself, "yes, you may have whatever you want to eat and you may eat as much as you'd like"? 

In addition to changing the diet, I have started to exercise again and that definitely feels great. So I'm trying to stay positive and have a goal of maintaining the new healthier lifestyle for at least 30 days. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Here I go again!

After taking a break during my weight loss journey (okay, I got lost, circled back a ways BUT I found the path again), I am starting back up.  Instead of using WeightWatchers or SparkPeople, I have opted for the free My FitnessPal. It fits into my budget better than WeightWatchers does, and although it's very similar to SparkPeople, I think the novelty and simplicity of it will help me stay with it long-term. I found out about it through an acquaintance on Facebook and I was very impressed with her results.  Keeping my fingers crossed that my motivation will stay with me!

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