Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weigh-In Wednesday #2

Today was my first weigh-in after a week of Weight Watchers. On a positive note, I was down two pounds - woo hoo! However, because I had been weighing myself DAILY, I was expecting a slightly lower number, and so I felt a bit disappointed. But, a loss is ALWAYS better than a gain and I'm confident I will lose more before my next weigh in.  I've already noticed how my opinion of certain foods has changed. For example, I love Almond Poppy Muffins, but at six points a piece (or roughly 1/7 of my daily allowance) these are not items I plan to eat on a daily basis. But I certainly don't feel guilty about eating them either because feeling guilty about eating is just another form of emotional eating in my book.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Snapshot Sunday

    Instead of Wordless Wednesday, I've decided to do Snapshot Sunday.  During my weight loss journey, I plan to blog weekly for "Weigh In Wednesday", but I love photography so much I wanted to give it a proper place in my blog.  
    For the first installment, I chose a picture taken a couple weeks ago of one of the spectacular sunsets I've had the privilege of witnessing from the back porch.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day One (and Two) is done!

Yesterday, I completed my first day of Weight Watchers Online. It went pretty well. I drank enough water to float a boat, exercised, and only went over by 1 point (versus the day before, when I would have been over by about 20 points). I've used the points-based system before, and it did work as long as I put time and energy into tracking food and participating in meetings. Now I'm blogging about it in hopes to stay motivate, and to notice any patterns. For example, today - Day 2 - I noticed I had a harder time feeling full and staying on track when I did not plan out my meals, as I did on Day 1. Hopefully, I'll stick to a plan tomorrow.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Photographic Peace

Over the last couple months, I've been volunteering with the local high school softball program, working a bit, and trying not to get frustrated with Facebook.  Now that the regular softball season has come to a close and I am in a lull for work, it is time for me to focus more on employment, health and beef cattle. As I head into this transition phase, I've pulled out the camera and snapped pictures of the spring landscape.

Tonight, as I posted photos to Facebook, I realized that what I enjoy so much about photography is trying to capture more than just the object in a picture. When I do a portrait of a bearded iris, the purpose is more than recording the looks of the flower for posterity. It's gratifying to look at a photo and experience a feeling that is nearly inexplicable. I don't know if a photo affects others the way it affects me, but it the passion fueling the creativity is enough to make me continue to do it.