Monday, December 10, 2007

Things That Go Thump In The Night

Talked to Momma Strout yesterday and heard a very interesting story. She threw a load of wet clothes into the dryer, shut the door and started it. She stepped out of the bathroom for a minute to check on the commotion that involved my father, my nephews, and the dog.
When she stepped back in the bathroom a minute later, she heard a mysterious "thump...thump....thump...thump..." coming from the dryer. She opened the door and began to pull out clothes to see what exactly was creating the noise.

She found it when she pulled out my cat, Scooby (well, he's really more her cat now that she's been taking care of him for four years). He was not moving at all and Momma Strout was convinced she was a cat killer.

Then he came to, and was very disoriented so she held him for a few minutes. He got down and hid behind the TV for a bit, before hiding under the Christmas tree. Last night, he did not seem to have any residual effects from his dryer ride. I fear Momma Strout will feel the effects for a long time, however; though I reassured her that he still had at least a few lives left (he lost one when his mother abandoned him and his siblings, another when he ran away for a week, a third from all the car rides between college and Cornville, and should lose a life just for karma's sake after chewing up my roommate's W-2s and almost killing her beta).

Also, my office holiday party went well. As did the pre- and post-parties. I could have used another day to getting old!

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