Monday, February 25, 2008

From now on, every title has "Shane" in it

I've just decided I'm going to incorporate the name of Shane into every blog I do from now on. Why? Because 1) it's a gimmick and 2) Shane is such a humble man....he could really use an ego boost such as a blog that is committed to honoring him. Besides, it's not like I've been updating this thing on a regular basis, and who really reads this anyway? Plus I can always use it as leverage, because that's just the type of friend I am!
[As a disclaimer, the tone of the above paragraph should be something along the lines of "chirpily sarcastic" and nothing else...I swear I'm not in a bad mood!]

This winter thing is really getting on my nerves. We got some snow Friday, and we're supposed to get more Tuesday and Wednesday. And lately, as they say in Maine (and by "they" I mean my dad and brother), it's been colder than a witch's tit up here.
My downstairs neighbor is the Obnoxious Neighbor of the Building, or as I like to refer to her, Tenant the Menace. There was so much swearing and thumping downstairs, I'm pretty sure someone was getting dismembered. Either that, or someone really likes it rough.

Fun car story of the week: I parked my car in my usual spot at 5 pm, looked out my window at 9 was seven feet closer to the road. My initial thought was "that's not where I parked my car." Then I realized that, due to the slight incline and glare ice the vehicle was parked on, Lacy could not hold her footing. I completely empathize. I fell forward on the ice one morning before work. It was the most graceful fall I've ever had, but it's very annoying when you can't walk uphill because it's so slick. Anyway, I moved my car to a better spot (one that was both sanded and flat).

Well that's it for now. I really am trying to blog regularly....

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