Thursday, February 28, 2008

Shane it all to hell!

I started a blog entry yesterday with that title, and even though I'm much calmer and less irritated, I still liked it. Plus I think the challenge of putting "shane" into the title provides inspiration.

So yesterday morning, after the wet snow and mild temperatures, I was not able to get out of my spot. So luckily, Shef was willing to come pick me up (although I almost regretted it immediately-I felt like I was entering the Truck of Death with him because he was so sick). I rode home with JBo to limit my exposure to harmful free radicals. Okay, not sure if that terminology was appropriate or not....just wanted to throw down the phrase.

Anyway, shoveled my car out completely, and with assistance from a neighbor who understands the meaning of "quiet building," I was able to get out. The snow situation is interesting, and is in fact, a major player in what I refer to as the Great Driveway Wars of Winter 2008. Lost the battle yesterday morning, but I still maintain an edge in the war despite the fact they have now stopped trying to keep both ends of the driveway cleared. Apparently, we're just going to pile the snow at one end, hoping Tenant the Menace keeps her vehicle and those of her guests out of the way.

If I don't write again before the weekend, hope it's great! I'll be shoveling snow, probably, since we're expected to get more snow tomorrow night.
Later gators!

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