Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Day of Sun"shane"

Ha! Putting Shane in the title is starting to get easier, especially when inspired by a gorgeous early spring day. Of course, some people may start to wonder if I'm obsessed with him or something.

Hooray for the blog not giving me issues. Boo for taxes. I am one that does not overpay, so I'm not getting a refund. I will be getting that lovely little rebate later on, though.

Hmmm....there's not much that's new. Don't have my new car yet, so I still have the pleasure of enjoying Beulah the Buick. Had the longest phone conversation with Dale that I've ever had with him...he proudly informed me that he is potty-trained, and that he was done talking, thank you, before he gave the phone back to my mom. He and his brothers are enjoying sunny Florida with my sister-in-law and brother (who is probably blinding people at Disneyworld with his see-sun-once-a-year legs as I write).

My parents are trying to breed their Australian-sheltie, so if the first service stuck, there should be fun little puppies this summer (I personally am surprised my father thinks he and Dale need a puppy...apparently he has a short memory for the psychotic hyperness of young Lilly).

Well that's all I got for now, but hopefully I'll have something exciting to report soon. Or at least funny.

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