Thursday, August 28, 2008

If rain could fall in any scent...

So I picked up this box of questions that's called "Chat Pack." It contains a bunch of random questions that are designed to instigate conversation, either on road trips, at dinner parties, etc. I picked it up after realizing my social skills are horrible. I don't mind sitting in silence for hours, but I'm fully aware that some people find it quite awkward.

In addition, I thought I'd use it to jumpstart blogs for those days when things have been a bit quiet. One of the questions kinda stumped me: "If rain could fall in any scent, what scent would you want it to be?" Obviously some of my favorite scents - for example, lilac or hydrangea - would probably be too strong. Rose hips might not be bad because I find it appealing but not too strong. Also food scents would not be a great idea: 'Well, it rained last night, so, you know, I had to eat a pizza once I smelled it for an hour.'

I can think of about a thousand scents that it should not be including BO, silage, sulphur, skunk, rotting flesh of any kind, vomit, burnt hair, spaghetti sauce in a tupperware container that's been sitting on a counter for an entire summer, and the paper mill when "something's off."

Those are just my thoughts, but if I've left anything off the list, just reply and let me know.

Peace out!

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