Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Movin' on up...to the west side

Okay, I've decided to give this a shot. Shane thinks it will give new insight into the world of Strout, so brace yourselves.

My mom - the infamous Momma Strout - came out to help me move (I'm now in my third place this year). The move went spectacularly well, especially compared to the last move. Mom thinks I have too much stuff - and this after I reduced my possessions by a third after settling into place 2. Needless to say, all this moving has me seriously considering minimalism. And if anything is going to help with that endeavor, apartment 3 will do it. It's about 20' by 20'. Plus a screened-in landing that is maybe 8' x 12'. It's second floor, but that's good because cell phones do not work at all on the first floor. They don't work that great on the second floor either, but at least I could put in a call to the po-po or ambulance if need be.

Cell phone reception, or lack thereof, does not irritate me nearly so much as radio and television reception. I miss Maine, the ten radio stations and at least two network channels you could get just about anywhere. There are four radio stations here, and you get nothing but varying shades of snow on the telly unless you have cable or dish. Is it too much to ask for good, FREE TV reception in southern Vermont? Once we accomplish that, then we can focus on the details. Like peace in the Middle East.

Perhaps this didn't give too much insight, but it'll have to do for now. I've definitely got a ton of material on moving and mentally unstable roommates.

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