Sunday, January 31, 2010

Workout #4ish

Usually I do pretty well to blog the evening after I work out, but that didn't happen after my last one. I cut myself some slack though, since as long as I get the blog in before the next workout, I'm still doing so much better with the blogging than I was a few weeks ago.

Friday's workout was surprising. I had been beating myself up about the speed, but as I started out, I remembered some sound advice from K-Fin: go your own speed and stay on the treadmill. After Wednesday's workout, I was unsure if I could maintain my new pace for the length of time scheduled. But once I started jogging, the first round felt easy, like I wasn't really working at working out. Always a great feeling. Also a sign that you're not getting a lot of cardio or muscular benefits. The next round, though, reassured me that I was torturing myself.

At one point, when I was getting tired, I thought "Maybe I should slow down" but then I felt I was going too slow. It's like, once you go fast, you don't go last..........week's workout speed. Kind of amazing. Of course, I also started wondering if maybe the treadmill was some unique, magical treadmill that had me going faster than the speed it says. Okay, "magical" may not be the appropriate word. I think I'm looking for the word "wrong" or "broken."

So I have worked out for over two weeks, and I've been eating less. And now I'm seeing results (11 1/2 pounds - yay!). Results mean rewards, too, so I downloaded some more songs from Amazon. So I'm looking forward to Monday's workout, and seeing how my body feels after a complete Week 2 workout at my faster speed.

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