Thursday, July 22, 2010

A rough first outing off the bench

After finally getting an interview after five months of searching for a job, I think I may have failed it. It wasn't horrible, but there were definitely a few questions that I immediately thought "wait, can I do that over please?" But there's always an outside chance I am being harder on myself and expecting more than they are. Let's hope, cause momma needs some new tires for the boat. Not to mention, a change of scenery would be welcome.

It did amaze me to sit and realize that I have not had an interview in five years. Furthermore, I haven't had many job interviews ever. So I guess I shouldn't beat myself up too much, and just keep looking forward.

As someone who is more inclined to written communication, the phone and personal interviews are intimidating, and do not allow me to show off my greatest strength. Of course, written responses to the questions would have been more thought out, and articulated better but I guess "administrative assistant" doesn't mean "author."

As far as exercise goes, after walking two days in a row, I took today off. My back bothered me a little, which was surprising. I will have to remember to stretch out tonight before I go to bed since I also weed whacked, and that bothered it enough for me to quit earlier than I normally would.

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