Friday, February 17, 2012

Six weeks later...

The Resolution Locomotive left New Year's Junction at a steady, if not slow and bumpy pace.  It is now safe to say, though, that the line has completely derailed just shy of Six Week Station.

Writing?  Well, the blogging has improved somewhat but I have not been writing nearly enough.  Weight loss? Ha. Although I did hop on the treadmill once a week the last couple weeks. Reading?  Sort of.  I'm now about 50 pages into Anna Karenina - woo hoo! (seriously, I am enjoying the story even though it doesn't seem to be reading "quickly").  Budget? Not quite what I had hoped. I've been maxing out the allotment for groceries.  Job? I don't think I have been making as much progress there as I should have, but there is still time and I do feel more focused, although I foresee the need for more training which means more debt. 

Perhaps you're reading this, and thinking, "man, why do I need to read about this?" You don't, so I do appreciate your time BUT I am feeling both relief because it is only six-seven weeks into the year so I can still turn it around and I am also feeling more accountability for the goals I made for myself just by putting them out into the beautiful blogosphere. Hopefully, you may feel the same if you are in a similar situation with your resolutions. In the immortal words of Red Green, "I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together."

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Rural Women Rock said...

I'm pulling for you. If you are not where you were yesterday, than you are making progress. We always want more faster, but sometimes we should reward ourselves for moving forward. Especially if it is multiple aspects of our lives all at one time.