Tuesday, January 1, 2013

It's that time of year again!

New Year's Resolutions - yay!! I'm not sure why I get so excited to write down "resolutions" that I do not keep.  Perhaps I should be concerned about ruining my credibility, but frankly, I was quite amused to read the seven resolutions I made last year and didn't come close to keeping ANY of them. So tonight I write down the 2013 Resolutions, and God willing, will be able to look back and laugh on January 1, 2014.

2013 Resolutions of Stroutacus:

1). Lose weight. Yes, I am one of those people, wanting to lose weight. But this year, I have a specific goal in mind.  I RESOLVE TO LOSE ONE POUND in 2013.

2). Blog regularly.  Of course, I had this resolution for 2012 and there were no blog entries after the end of July. So I have crafted a more specific goal for this one as well: I RESOLVE TO BLOG TEN TIMES IN EIGHT DIFFERENT MONTHS in 2013 (I'm already 10% there!).

3). Forgive certain family members. I can only move forward from past pain by forgiving those who have inflicted it on me, but man, it's tough to do when it is so much easier to pout and be angry.  Still, I am putting it out there as a resolution. Now, I would pick one to forgive, but I am equally angry with all of them so I don't know where I'd begin. Maybe the sister-in-law...you know, get the most difficult one out of the way.

4). I resolve to finish my book in 2013. End of story...literally.

5).  GET A JOB. Okay, that's not really a resolution so much as a "To-Do" item. I think I'm starting to get

Happy New Year!

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