Tuesday, December 18, 2007

$*^(%%(!!@! Mondays!!

$*^(%%(!!@! Mondays!!
No, I'm not censoring myself in the subject line. I really have no idea what the most appropriate word is to describe those Mondays that are just...screwed up.

So yesterday morning I knew I was going to need extra time to get my car out of my parking spot. Plow Guy had plowed me in pretty good Sunday morning, so I knew what to expect on Monday morning. I didn't anticipate it being too bad, though, because it had only snowed a couple inches after his first plow-through. I was so wrong...

Lacey LeSabre is pretty awesome in the snow (her other name is The Tank), but even she was having issues getting out of the snowbank that was driven into her. It did not help that it was basically ice under the tires. The front tires spun several times before I finally decided to do something about the traction. There was no sand or salt anywhere near my apartment so I went up to my kitchen and grabbed what I felt most closely resembled sand: bread crumbs and cornmeal.

All the good fixin's for frying chicken did not help enough. She was still stuck (and oddly enough, the crap under my tires went from ice to mud pretty darn quick). I shoveled out a path in front of my car and dug snow out from under the front in order to pull forward, out of the ruts, and then slammed that bitch into reverse and gunned it out of there. Success!

I arrived at work 15 minutes late, and was a bit out of sorts all day. It also did not help that various projects popped up that had to be completed like, last week, so just chaos all around. But hey, it's Tuesday now, and time to move on!

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