Monday, January 28, 2008


So yeah, trying to save up some money, hoping to be able to get a car in March, when the LeSabre will be deemed no longer roadworthy and fail inspection. I suppose there is an extremely remote possibility that she could pass, but that is very doubtful. Besides, I think it's about time I drove a vehicle with Vermont plates anyway (my defense has always been that it is my dad's car, and I'm sticking to that).

Yep, it's the final cutting of the cord with not only Maine, but also my parents because they have been incredibly gracious in helping me get by with the car and insurance on it. I'm really kicking myself now for 1) moving into Apt. 1 when it was beyond my means 2) staying there so long and 3) not being more fiscally responsible. Good thing I don't plan on having kids. It'd probably go like this: "You're not getting any shoes this year because Momma's buying herself the latest Sugarland CD and the box set of Dallas. Better luck next year."

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