Thursday, March 12, 2009

Look at this photograph...

So the picture behind the title of the blog is part of the view from my parents' back porch. Since it faces the west, when the sun sets, it is really gorgeous. I took this picture last summer, and I like how it turned out. To me, it's a great representation of Cornville because, well, there is actually corn in the shot. Also, the mountains remind me of the days of my youth, when all the kids (and quite a few adults) had these t-shirts with a simple drawing of mountains and fields. We're talking about six, maybe seven, lines strategically placed within a circle.

On the outside of the circle, the slogan read "See Cornville and Live." This became the unofficial slogan of the town. I'm not exactly sure what it means, or what it meant when it was created. I suppose it's better than "See Cornville and Die, "See Cornville and Go Blind," or "See Cornville and Never Want To See It Again". Those would be the suggestions of the more cynical citizens of Cornville, or Cornvillains, as I like to think of them.

Seriously, what is the appropriate noun for residents of this town? Cornvillites? Cornvillagers? Stalks and Ears?


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about this today -- I remember seeing the t-shirt on a southern mainer a few years ago and thinking, "do you even know where cornville is?"

Do you know if anyone still sells these?


Strout said...

So I feel like an idiot responding a month later(hazards of being lazy), but I don't know if there are still shirts being sold. I seem to recall two waves of them... the first about 22 years ago, and then again about 15 years ago or so, close to the Cornville bicentennial. I was just thinking I should look into getting one...I'll let you know how that goes!