Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Miss you Slimy!

Somehow the subject of nicknames came up, and I believe I was jokingly asked to cover the subject in the blog. The interesting thing I find about most nicknames is that they are not really any shorter than given names. In fact, Stroutacus is longer than my first, middle and last names. Other nicknames: Spicy Strout, Snappy Strout, Silent Strout, Slappy Strout, Silly Strout, Trout, Troutsy, Stroutarama, Stroutsy Magee, Skerrr, Skizzle, Thundercloud, Blondie and Chief Peacemaker. That last one has a fantastic story.

Really, aren't most nicknames story names? Well, most of the aliases used by or given to friends in college had great stories. Slimy, Sheepy Shane, The Inseminator, Shana the Horse Princess, and Cool Kid all conjure up great memories of Shane. The same can be said of Ricky, Dorset Daggett/Daa-aa-aa-ggett, Buckwheat, Boots, Teapot, Lush, The Hippie, Cheerio, Megaphone, Double J, Philthy, Big Dave, Goon, Miss Amerika and Sexpot. Yeah, that's right. I said it and threw it right out there.

And you can never predict or plan great nick names or story names. The moniker for Brown Sugar came about purely because one friend misspoke. But it stuck, and it stuck well. And sometimes the more you hate a nick name, the more it sticks, as Gertie and Dshef stuck, despite how the targets themselves felt about them.

So, for now, that's what I got on nicknames. But if I forgot some or if you have better names, please do so. I love great names, and especially great stories that go with those names.

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Shane said...

Sexpot.....that's pretty funny. And the memory of chief peacmaker vs the cattleprod wasa good time