Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hmm...Wednesday's Whatever Workout

It's official. I have a workout buddy. Mr. Runners World was on the treadmill again this evening, so I've come to accept the fact that I need to ignore him like I ignore the soccer game he watches during the workout. How much longer is that sport in season, anyway? At least he was nice enough to offer me the remote once his session was done...three minutes before mine.

As for workout #, it was a bit of a hybrid between #3 and 4. I started to do a #4 level workout, but towards the end, it was more like #3, and I still walked through one jog session. It's not the cardio aspect that gets me, but the damn gams. Two minutes into the first round of jog/walking and I feel like I got peg leg from the knees down. The difference between today and Monday, though, was that I managed to push through some of the pain, and did a full 25 minutes on the treadmill.

I did enjoy a very brief moment of joy when I was jogging and felt things "click", like hey, this feels right! But then I felt like I just wanted to stop moving so the throbbing stumps that were my calves and ankles would...just...stop. Even though I knew this week would come - I knew this week would be brutal on my willpower - yet it's still rough. I have to remind myself to stop being negative and chastising myself about little things, and remember the most positive thing of all: I have completed 25 minutes of activity four times in the last eight days.

In addition to the exercise, I've focused on my diet. I know this is obvious, but diet and exercise suck. They are hard, no fun at all, and establishing willpower is a bitch. Yet I still feel the drive to stick with these lifestyle changes to reap the benefits. So I'll continue to try my best and we'll see where next week takes us.

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