Friday, January 22, 2010

Workout #3 is officially done

I experienced pure, unadulterated bliss today. I walked into the gym and heard the sound of......silence. Mr. Runners World was not on the treadmill, and it appeared that I had a completely empty gym. I was ecstatic, and told myself, "Get moving and change!! This may not last long!" I went from Workplace Barbie to Workout Barbie in 4.5 seconds flat, give or take several minutes.

After changing, I did a full minute of stretches - 45 seconds more than usual. Plus, I switched out the insoles, going back to the originals. I'm pretty sure these measures contributed to my legs feeling better today. Yes, by the end of it, I still felt that my left shin should just die already, and yes, I would have had no issue putting my right foot into a fire because the sole was burning as it was. Yet, I still completed the entire prescribed workout.

After the workout, I conducted a few more stretches and my shin hurt much less, making the drive home almost bearable this time. So the next question, of course, is will I be able to do Workout #4 on Monday? Part of me wants to stick with Workout #3, but part of me also thinks I should at least attempt Workout #4. We'll see how it goes, but it does feel great to know I have been sticking with the routine and can continue to do so. It's also amazing how much the lack of other people makes me so relaxed and so happy.

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