Friday, January 22, 2010

Regrets and ruminations

After working out, there were a lot of thoughts spinning through my brain - is the endorphins thing that people are always talking about? Anyway, tonight during my walk to the car, the idea popped in my head that going from pain to elation over the course of minutes was one of those amazing gifts from God that is part of life. Living life means going through not only the big ups and downs, but daily ups and downs, too. My emotions have often made me question the person that I am, and if I was a good or bad person based on how much my moods have affected my sociability. I've had "regrets" about my behavior and decisions, but tonight, I just thought, what's the point of regretting anything? Missing out on some things in life because of fear, anxiety, or depression later helped me open doors to opportunities that I would have normally missed. It's helped me mature. That is why I hope to stop encapsulating parts of my life as "regrets."

Additionally, I'm shifting that mindset to my diet and exercise regimen. Depriving myself of certain foods or habits to experience new and better benefits has moments of misery. What is so wrong with going to the Pizza Hut buffet? The answer: absolutely nothing. I can continue to eat at the Pizza Hut buffet as much as I want. That does not mean I have to feel guilty, or hate myself, or consider myself weak. It simply means accepting the consequences of that decision. Period. Progressing in the weight loss plan for me just means realizing healthier decisions will yield more favorable results, even if they are less immediate.

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