Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Sunday

Well, just felt like blogging a little bit today. Overall, I've had a great couple weeks with the diet and exercise changes. I've managed to lose 6 pounds, and have been staying on par with most of my routine. I say most, because I have wanted to do upper body and core exercises on my alternate days, and that hasn't quite happened yet.

I'm just about ready to head out for a fun afternoon with the rest of my Brat Pack, but I've been thinking how lucky I am to have such awesome people in my life. My family is the greatest, and I love all of them so much. I certainly hope God gives my mom the strength to get through the next year as my grandfather is dealing with his illness, which is technically terminal. I know it's going to be a tough year for everyone, but my mom is transitioning into the role of primary caregiver.

And mom is probably another motivation in the exercise. I think she should be an Honorary Hellbilly Honey. She has already worked hard to lose over 30 pounds over the last couple years. Family history freaks her out - and in turn, causes concern for me. So I owe it to her, and maybe this is the best thing I can do for her this year since I won't always be able to actually be there for her during the tough times ahead. At least, by taking better care of myself, she'll know I'll be around for her for a long time to come.

And then there's the nephews. I don't want my youngest nephew to have vague memories, or rely on other people to remember his aunt. Plus, I want more energy so when I do visit, it's a lot more fun for everyone. The window of opportunity for being a fun, cool aunt to play with is closing faster than I want!

So I guess there are a lot of reasons to keep doing what I am doing. And this blog has been helping me more than I expected. Sometimes I feel narcissistic writing this, and don't like to push it on people. But this Couch to 5K plan made me feel that it was a way for me to give back to the group so we feel, hopefully, a bit more connected in the "ordeal" as I sometimes think of it.

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