Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 2 has started....maybe

So technically, I did Workout #4 today. Part of me wants to regress back to Week 1, thinking that I am not ready for Week 2 yet. But the fact that I could complete it without injury or feeling like I was going to toss my cookies is a pretty good indicator that I can probably continue with the Week 2 workouts.

Now, I may not necessarily be "jogging" so much as hyperwalking (and no, I don't mean racewalking, because racewalking is much faster than what I'm doing, I think). But there is a difference between the walk that I alternate with my jog. Eventually once the endurance works out better, I can probably start to look at increasing difficulty through other factors, i.e. incline, speed, etc.

And my workout buddies seem to be changing every time I'm in there. But I'm lucky enough to always have access to a treadmill for a half hour or so. I'm beginning to think I should consider using the weights there, too, on my off days but it is nice to think, "it's Tuesday, I can go straight home and chill." And Wednesday's workout will be the two-week anniversary--woo hoo!

So today's blog is mostly random ramblings. I don't think there is anything spectacular or noteworthy about today's workout. Except I did introduce some newly acquired tunes into the workout. I only note this because "We Didn't Start The Fire" came into the rotation during a mid-jog late in the workout. I know my feet and calves didn't care who started the fire, but they wanted it put out ASAP.

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