Saturday, January 16, 2010

Workout #2 in the books...

Thursday evening was interesting as usual in Brattleboro. Although this time DShef was in town, and his 30th birthday happened to be this week so of course, there was need for celebration. Beyond the usual fare at the 99, we also went to the old hangout spot, the Beacon. Great times were had by all, but a few of us opted to continue the birthday bash at Gypsy's apartment (without the birthday boy--he insisted on calling it a night at 10:30). For a short time, we managed to record a three-part harmony, singe someone's chin hair, and bust a futon. As much as I wanted to stay and help with the attempted futon repairs, I had to pull myself away at 1:00 am.

So what does this have to do with my workout? I highly recommend getting a great night's sleep the evening before workouts. I was dragging a bit on Friday, but knew I that workout #2 was pretty essential since, you know, otherwise, I just randomly walked and jogged for a few minutes one Wednesday. And then I'd have to relinquish my title of Hellbilly Hunny - and that ain't happenin'!

So I walked into the gym armed with much more confidence and my MP3 player. Making sure my shoelaces were tight, I started my warm-up with some Springsteen. Now, the five minute walk warm-up went fine, but then came the really tricky part: clock math. The funny thing is that I have a harder time remembering when I start jogging, but no trouble remembering when to switch back to walking.

In this second workout, my legs were burning a bit earlier than they had in the first workout, but I dealt with it and and the jog minutes went by fairly quickly. I also tried pushing myself to jog a little bit faster...but not too fast. I know I broke a sweat for at least a couple minutes, so that was good. At least this time I didn't risk injury by getting too involved in checking out my form. I just dealt with the awkward moments.

Speaking of awkward moments, the motion-detector lights malfunctioned about halfway through my workout. Seriously? I know I do a light jog/brisk walk, but you'd think that would be enough motion to keep the lights on. I did not have this problem during the first workout, but then again, I had to keep getting off to hydrate and/or retrieve flying objects (water bottle, CD player, stop watch) so that may explain the difference. I've since learned that you really can't keep anything on the treadmill, as it flies off when you least expect it, making quite a racket in the process.

Well, that's about all I have to say about workout #2. Workout #3 is scheduled for Monday afternoon. Then I move on to Week 2 of the program, unless I decide to prolong week 1 by a workout or two. Once I do progress on to Week 2, I'm looking to start doing some strength and core training on my days off. I just might actually get in shape this spring!!

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