Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Workout #1 is DONE!

So I officially started the "Couch to 5K" program with my first workout tonight. Surprisingly the first workout is not "Stand up from couch" even though I would expect that to be the first logical step. Despite utter lack of previous movement the last, oh, ten years or so, 30 minutes of activity did not send me into cardiac arrest or even asthmatic attack. My lower legs were the unsuspecting victims of the workout. Yep, I felt the burn. In fact, halfway through the workout, I thought someone could have chopped off my legs at the knee and I wouldn't have cared. Much.

Not only was this my first workout of an exercise program, it was also my first workout in the gym that I have free access to through my employer. It is very conveniently located in an adjoining building. I do wonder why I never took advantage of it before. It's a great little place with a couple treadmills, some exercise balls and various weight training equipment. Best machine in there: the television with premium satellite service. That will come in handy.

The gym is also nearly lined with full-length mirrors. I took advantage of this to check my form while jogging because I have discovered one minor detail: my body has no idea how to handle itself when pushed beyond a "brisk" walking pace. A couple times I almost did a face plant trying to see if things looked right because they sure weren't feeling right. With a little bit of time, I'm willing to bet things will fall into place and the awkwardness will dissipate. I hope it is not the same for my enthusiasm, but thank goodness for my fellow Hellbilly Hunnies. If I start to think, maybe I put the workout off, I think of my girls and I realize I can't do that to Backstretch Betty or Lightning Lizzie or Zippy Zelda. Okay, so those aren't official nicknames, unless people say otherwise. In all seriousness, I believe I am going to finish this program but I never would have started if it weren't for them so here's to the hunnies!

Speedy Spice Strout

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