Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back out just when I was back in

I hit a minor bump in the road out of the car after riding around for a few hours - instant back pain. So a muscle has been aggravated, and boy is it painful! But enough bitching. I'll get through it because I've had to do it plenty of times before. However, I was only able to walk 1/4 of a mile on the treadmill, and did not get nearly enough exercise. There is a bit more urgency to the fitness routine as I officially signed up for the Loco Moose 5K. On November 12, I will either complete my first 5K or be out $16.

Diet-wise, today was not bad at all. Oatmeal, OJ, and a piece of string cheese for breakfast; chicken teriyaki sandwich and shared fried mushrooms and curly fries with Mom for lunch; cherries as a snack, and grilled pork chop, beet greens and mashed potatoes for dinner. I followed it up with a "generous serving" of light ice cream for dessert. Mom and I had originally planned to stop at Big G's for lunch and split a sandwich after running some errands, but we were about 20 minutes too late or 45 minutes too early as the line to order sandwiches was out the door with local youth. Major bummer. But the meal at Snack Shack did suffice.

I'm hoping my back won't be in too rough of shape tomorrow since I am riding with the other brother to Massachusetts. Should be a fun a day!

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