Monday, July 19, 2010

Mondays can still be Mundays....

...even when you're unemployed! Who knew?

Today was a bit drab, and I just didn't give 100 percent to make it any better. It was basically a day of just functioning (and sometimes not even that). But I knew I needed to blog because it was a goal to blog on a daily basis. Guess that doesn't include the weekends, haha.

This past weekend was nice and quiet, even though I have still been recovering from my minor back injury. At least I am now able to roll out of bed without writhing in agony or wincing in pain. There is only a little tightness that should work itself out as I work the exercise back into the daily routine.

Speaking of that exercise, I am starting to get a bit concerned about being able to complete my 5K in November. I'm still confident that I can do it, I just have to start the training again and stop putting it off. Otherwise, I definitely won't be able to do it.

So nothing really quirky today, other than I was mildly amused by the dog eating Swedish fish. Life has been fairly quiet.

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