Monday, November 8, 2010


Today started off bright and early at 3:30 AM, when my head was pounding, and then I began to feel nauseous. I finally decided that vomiting seemed to be the only course of action that might address both the nausea and the inability to sleep, so I went to bathroom. As I knelt down on my left knee - instant calf cramp, GAA! As I kneeled down on my right knee - instant calf cramp in that leg too! Finally, after all that work, I just couldn't bring the cookies up so I laid down on the floor, curled up around the base of the toilet. Apparently 3:45 is a my cat's "Party Time" and he thought I was there to hang out with him. He purred loudly as he rubbed up and down my legs, licked my arms and face, and bit my elbows. None of this helped me.

I laid there for a few more minutes before I began to feel like I was going to doze off. To fall asleep by the toilet may seem comical to most but the sight of me in that position would surely have sent my mother into cardiac arrest as it would appear suspiciously like I had had a seizure. I decided to get up and go back to bed so that I would not have to experience any more ambulance rides any time soon.

After some time and more rest, most of the nausea dissipated, yet the headache has persisted through most of the day and into the evening. I will definitely have to call it an early night tonight and keep my fingers crossed that I will not be reliving my experience tomorrow.

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