Saturday, January 15, 2011

Food for thought

I wouldn't change my background for anything in the world. It's not "easy" to live on a farm, financially, but the trade-offs reap multiple benefits throughout one's life.  Responsibility, hard work, and commitment are just some of the values one learns.  You have to show up to work, or the animals don't eat.  A lot of farm families understand the meaning of sacrifice as they sacrifice time and effort to ensure the welfare of the animals before their own.

One drawback of being a farm kid is being in a minority, and when you're in a minority, your voice is not often heard among the shouts of the majority. Misinformation, myths and stereotypes permeate the media regarding agriculture today. Traditionally producers have shied away from the media, but thankfully there is a shift in the advocacy for agriculture.

I am fortunate that my experiences provide me with greater appreciation for the daily contributions of farm and agricultural workers to our nourishment.  If the general population could experience such a lifestyle, it would understand animal behavior, crop science and  a multitude of other complex issues that affect food production. A greater understanding would lead to a greater support network for the agricultural sector, ultimately bolstering industries and protecting the American food supply.

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