Friday, January 7, 2011

One thing I never learn

I keep wondering when I will learn that I always regret purchasing an issue of Cosmopolitan magazine off the newsstand.  Forget the fact that it's overpriced, it's the articles that make me angry.  Overall, I have to say it reinforces some of the worst traits in people in our society.  The advice columns usually aren't bad but the feature articles that focus on such things like "how to stop your man from cheating" just piss me off. If someone cheats, why is it the other person's fault? What happened to accountability? But I digress.  I will admit I've never been "fashion-forward" in any sense of the word, so I do find some useful information on make-up techniques, wardrobe tips and the like. Overall, though, the magazine gets a big thumbs-down from me.

So why buy it? Probably because a fool soon parts ways with her money. In this specific case, I can tell you exactly why I purchased the January issue: the bedside astrologer. I'm a total sucker for my horoscope. I guess I just have to check out what's in store for me in the next 12 months according to whichever staff member was responsible for the Taurus section.  Apparently May and August should be great for my love life, so perhaps I'll have some great blog material then. Ha!

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