Friday, November 4, 2011

Decisions, decisions... sacrifice sleep for the sake of meeting my daily and cumulative word count, or tackle it fresh tomorrow?  I am inclined to say that I will be ending my NaNoWriMo session short today, and will pick up tomorrow and cover more ground than I have in the last two days.  So, with a small twinge of regret, I have to admit that I am technically behind - on Day 4.  But I am on optimist and know that I have a lot left in me.

I make an effort not to make excuses, but today was a day out of the ordinary therefore, I have that much more confidence I can recover quickly.  We have a new member of the household here. She is a cute, 8-week-old or so, kitten that was abandoned at or near my grandfather's recently.  My mom decided it was too cute and friendly not to rescue.  She has a few health issues that we are addressing, but she and our Australian Shepherd/Sheltie mix dog Lilly are getting along quite well.  I have named the kitten Ziva, and she thoroughly enjoys the "loving" licks and nudges she gets from the dog, even if they are overwhelming at times.  She has also already played with the cat tunnel I purchased.  My other cat, Scooby, does not care for this latest development. All afternoon, he has avoided the area we have kept her and made frequent trips outside.  I am hopeful he will come around and the two can get along.

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