Friday, February 3, 2012

Inspiration in the strangest places

For me, this photograph represents finding something unique in something fairly ordinary.  If you must know what it is before reading any more, scroll to the bottom of the blog entry.  But today, I saw this and decided to capture it with my camera because I saw something abstractly beautiful.  

As a hobby photographer, I am always seeking the "Kodak moments" that surround me.  Usually, it is in the landscape around me, but sometimes I see them in animals and people (especially in relaxed, natural poses and actions). I love looking out off the back porch and watching the sunset each night because it is always beautiful and always, always different.  And of course, I love unexpected artistic moments like the one above.

Photographs are not the only creative endeavors for which I seek and find unexpected inspiration.  As I returned from morning errands, and had my Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers' Greatest Hits blaring away on the car's sound system, my mind wandered to a future blog entry topic.  This type of behavior is exactly why I  have NO desire to text while I drive. Anyway, it was the first time I can recall the Heartbreakers being able to single-handedly turn on the faucet of my creative juices so hopefully I can turn to them again when I need help (or just need to hear "American Girl" one....more....time....).

As for the above picture?  Beet juice in a stainless steel kitchen sink.


MTWaggin said...

You did great capturing that - it almost looks like some of those drops are suspended in space!

Strout said...

Thank you very much! I appreciate hearing your perspective on that shot.