Monday, February 6, 2012

Seven Thoughts on a Super Bowl

I follow sports, and with my home team New England Patriots in the title game, I sat down and watched it through to the end. The soul-crushing, heart-rending, agonizing end.

1) Team entrance songs: New York plays what is essentially a pop song while New England comes out to Ozzy. New England 1, New York 0.

2) Kudos to Tom Coughlin for singing along with America the Beautiful and the Star Spangled Banner.  I understand coaches and players have their rituals and mental preparations before a game, but why not carve out a minute a two to show respect? It would certainly set an example for fans.

3) Still can't believe Brady scored the first two points for the Giants...however, that kicker did an amazing job of pinning the Pats near the end zone throughout the game.

4) Commercials: if they continue to be disappointing, will the advertising lose its effectiveness and worth?  There were some gems - and these led me to the conclusion that comedic commercials with dogs or Betty White are solid bets.

5) Best commercial overall was Samsung Galaxy Note. Why?  It was over the top, had humor ("this feels like detention") I know what the product was, I loved the song used, and - most importantly - I. WANT. ONE. Marketing success.

6) Halftime Show: Definitely a show.  Madonna's older music was great, but I do believe her latest song is more appropriate for Avril Lavigne or The Pussycat Dolls. Overall, it was far better than last year's show featuring Black Eyed Peas. I think we can all agree that lip-synching (although necessary to not incur the wrath of the FCC) takes something away from the artists and their performances.

7) I am a Patriots fan. The last play was absolutely heartbreaking BUT shouldn't every Super Bowl end with a Hail Mary attempt?

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