Monday, December 3, 2007

Holy Crappy Commute, Batman!

A lovely little storm unleashed its wrath on the area last night, and continues this morning. It wouldn't be quite so bad if it had been all snow, but there's a nice little layer of ice mixed in. The best part of my drive: all the damn hills and "Malfunction Junction" (I will have to post a picture sometime...words do not do it justice). Once you make it down the little side streets that look like they belong in places that refuse to plow until all of the snow has stopped falling *coughCORNVILLEcough*, then there is the mighty hill that leads to the parking lot entrance. That's usually where Lacey LeSabre likes to sway her booty a bit. What can I say? She's got junk in the trunk and knows how to use it! Getting up that hill without taking out any cars coming down is miraculous enough, but that's still not the end of the battle. The next and final step is getting into the lot, which has--surprise--another incline. But my morning was fairly uneventful - unlike my rookie coworker, who slid into a snowbank and then almost into another vehicle.

So pretty boring blog today, but I'll be cooped up in my apt. tonight so I might have some creative backlash tomorrow. I heard rumors this storm is going to slam Maine (condolences to Guimond and the County) so I hope all my friends and family to the east stay safe. As my father always told me, go'll do less damage when you go off the road.

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