Thursday, December 27, 2007


The conclusion I have reached is that if I am in Vermont on a Thursday, it will snow. Probably because I am the designated driver on Thursdays, and my buddy has an open mike gig down in Massachusetts. I missed last week's, so I best show up for this week's, even though I am absolutely exhausted. Maybe I'll go home and sleep for an hour.

I know I won't though. I'll head up to the 99 for some chow, then I'll hang out at JBo and Brown Sugar's until we head down to Mass. Then we'll probably be there until 11:30 or so, before we head back to Brat.

Okay, I'm being a real whineass today which means this blog sucks, but I feel like I had to do at least a little bit. I owe my one reader that much (Happy Holidays Shane! Woo woo!).
Ooh, I did get a decent Christmas haul...a stand mixer from Mom & Dad, a toaster oven, a shelf, and a pair of puppy slippers from my nephews. My grandmother also gave me a great sweatshirt for when I have those Silent/Snappy Strout days's bright yellow with a smily face and "Happy Camper - Cape Cod, Mass" printed on it. How can I be grumpy when I'm wearing that?

And when I get rested up, I will be posting stories from home, starting with this awesome rest stop I found off 295 in Bowdoinham.

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