Monday, September 19, 2011

Feast or famine

The saying "feast or famine" popped in my head when I thought of my social media activity today.  Suddenly, after not having tweeted in several days, I've tweeted/retweeted others a combined five times today.  I almost feel the need to apologize for the flurry of activity. Yet most people probably realize by now, this type of activity is sporadic for me.

And then there is my blog.  I seem to go through periods of "famine" in the sense that I don't blog AT ALL, and then I blog fairly regularly.  But I really think I can change that. Really. I'm totally serious this time.

On a more somber note, though, the title of my post also applies to the Lose-A-Palooza event going on today by WeightWatchers, as part of their  "Lose For Good" campaign.  I've just passed my three month anniversary with WeightWatchers Online, and have dropped 15.4 pounds and 2.5 inches off my waist. I do think it's a great program.  On top of the regular program and its benefits, though, WeightWatchers has teamed up with the organizations Share Our Strength and Action Against Hunger in an effort to end childhood hunger in the U.S.  It's difficult to fathom that there are people - especially children - in a country as wealthy as ours going hungry each day. Yet, it is something that I think we can address and resolve, particularly since our agricultural producers are so efficient in creating healthy food for everyone in this country.  I'm not sure what the solution to the problem of hunger is, but I am sure we can find one if we make it a priority.

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